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||my profile||


Name: -C- (hey man I'm famous!)
Height:Darn short
Weight:Pretty heavy
Nationaltiy: Wo shi zhong guo ren!
Place of Residence: Good old downtown Australia (where you get abslutely no anime and manga, if you don't count EVA)
Anime and Manga I like:Gundam Wing (duh,) Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rurouni Kenshin, Sakura Wars (the mechs make me laugh so much!), Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Myuo Ah! My Goddess, Macross Plus, Armitage III, Please Save my Earth Uresei Yastura, Girl's Revolution Utena,El-Hazard and Fushugi Yuugi
Hobbies INTERNET! Reading my chinese translated manga watching my subtitled anime vcd's, trying to draw fanart etc etc
Games I likeJust about any RPG's. Xenogears and Final Fantasy 7 are my favourite
Music I like: H.O.T!!! Yeah! They rule! Speed rule as well!!! (rushes over to the cd player, and can't decide which cd to play and eventually settles for sticking the H.O.T cd in and putting on a Speed mp3) Zhang xue you is cool (you guo yan just rules), as well as Faye Wong. (starts singing Summer of Love)
Occupation: Student (I CAN be childish to THERE beeeeeeeeeeeeedpth) and currently broke from my trip to the city... eheheh manga, moremore!

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