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This is IMPORTANT! I need to get this clear and out of the way!
ie. this is legal stuff

I, -C- do not own Gundam Wing, Duo or Heero (or else I'd be pretty rich, ne?)
or any other official art depicted on this page, as all of these things belong to Bandai,
Sunrise and any other creator I failed to mention.

I therefore acknowlage, any of the official art and characters are the companies' listed legal property. This webpage is non-profitable and was never intended to be.

So don't sue me 'cos I'm only fourteen and broke because i spent all my money on my Ruroken comics! (HAAHAHHA MORE MORE) *starts hacking wildly around with an imaginary sabaka-tou* collapses and sniffles, as -c- realizes that RK is over.........

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