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Welcome to the (rather small) Prussian and Cobalt Image Gallery! Here you will find a few pictures of Heero and Duo in some of their most tender moments (eh?) I found most of these pictures off various sites on the net, and if one of them is yours, just mail me, and I'll apologize, and give them back... Because all of this stuff is official, I'm not gonna claim ownership for any of them... -_~x

heero3thumb.jpg bwheerothumb.jpg clipthumb.jpg
1x2cthumb.jpg sexyduothumb.jpg ccduothumb.jpg
ccheerothumb.jpg gwnightseathumb.jpg sexyheerothumb.jpg
oav21thumb.jpg gwing21bthumb.jpg gwb_23thumb.jpg
oa7thumb.jpg gwing19bthumb.jpg m0q1oagvthumb.jpg
gwsnowthumb.jpg gwing08bthumb.jpg gwrainthumb.jpg
cc12thumb.jpg gwvalentinesthumb.jpg gwscythethumb.jpg
hdhugthumb.jpg gwing16bthumb.jpg

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