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Why Duo and Heero?Well believe it or not, it's more than just a reflexive "I don't like this anime girl, so I'm gonna pair him with a guy" syndrome. If that was the case, why doesn't Heero go with Quatre? Or Duo with Trowa? (I'm not even going to THINK about pairing Wufei up with anyone! There is a reason why they call him the Solitary Dragon...) And it's not just by process of elimination either. These two are made UNIQUELY for each other.

OK, so none of the pilots have had a really happy-happy life have they. (Actually angst-overload is the term) But I'd say Heero and Duo have had it particularly rough. Both have lost people close to their hearts, (ie Odin Lowe, Solo, Father Maxwell etc etc) And that would mean they would have developed a reflexive anti-socialness. (Duo SEEMS to be an exception, but I don't think anyone got to know him as well as Solo or anyone at the Maxwell church ne?) This reflexive shunning of human company (and emotions) is only natural right? These 15 year-old pilots won't just let anyone into their hearts, they have to have someone understand what it feels like to be them, because if they don't, it would just be sex to them, nothing more. I'm pretty sure Hilde MIGHT understand, but I'm kinda certain Relena won't.

I've stated above how the two Wing Boys are similar, but they are also wildy different in other ways as well. (duh) Duo is a lot more...vocal than Heero, and also more open (or hidden, depending on which way you look at it) He seems not to care about anyone or anything, what people would call a shallow character. (some people call Misato this, but then again, everyone's fooked up after watching Evangelion) I think Duo's character runs a lot deeper than people suspect. His "I don't care" attitude, probably spawned from after the destruction of the Maxwell church. Real emotions are hidden, but they can still reach out to care. (again, see Misato)

But does Heero even HAVE emotions? My answer, (despite some calls for the contrary) is yes. (Like ner, just look at the little girl with puppy thing) Also look how devastaded he was after the incident. Some might say his shuttoff of emotion began from there. He was trained not to have emotions, so it ALSO might be safe to say that his feeling of real emotion STARTED here as well. (I digress. So what?) Heero does seem to have real emotions. He just doesn't know what to do with them. So he shuts them away. What he needs is someone to draw him out of his protective shell, someone who understands what it is like (oop there is that phrase again) And guess who that would be.
I dare you.

If you answered our esteemed Shinigami-sama, you are 100% right!!! These two interact more than anyone else does with themselves. They go to the same school, (well used to), they go on the same missions, (most of them), they've got consecutive numbers! (eh?) Sorry, got a bit carried away. Also, the number 1 reason......... (bababababaaaaaaaaaaaaaam) They can understand each other! (I know you are sick of that phrase, but in my opinion, I think that this is very important) Duo is the one person who Heero can be human with, have emotions with. Heero is the one person who can see behind the joker's mask, to see the real Duo, he trusts Duo. (see episode 1 of Endless Waltz)Heero: I've been counting on your skills from the start Ooah! Now that says something. I don't think Heero could trust Relena that much. (of course, the fact that she can't pilot a gundam might count...but hey, it's the thought that counts ^_^x)

If Heero and Duo aren't a couple, then why in the hell do the illustrators keep drawing the together then??? Most of the pics are Heero with Duo, Trowa and Quatre and Wufei. Sometimes Wufei goes off by himself, but that's beside the point. What IS the point is that this is all OFFICIAL stuff! And you can't deny what the creators say can you ne? *wicked grin*

Denying that they can't love each other because they are of the same sex, and the whole thing is just DISGUSTING, doesn't work, because I think the whole thing would be mentally, (if not physically) healthier to the both of them. In being in love, Heero and Duo gain one helluva lover and also a friend to talk to when in need, someone they trust. Two in one ne? Pretty good bargain to me!

All of this is again, my opinion, and I'm not gonna ram it down your throat (or is it too late for that?) So if you wanns believe me and you thought this was a pretty good essay for a B-grade student,(BLAST Ms Venning, if my essays were good enough for Ms Frichot...oh hang on, Ms Venning gave me A+ (joy) for my Beer Ad essay....) and you want to send any C&C just mail me at

And my spelling is terrible, I know.








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