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Hn where to start...
Ok then... the series kicks of with a really cool song, and the first character you see is, (surprise surprise) is our Heero-sama. Now the next character you see is (aside from the Gundams) is Relena. Oh wow, gasps the non-yaoi fan, can this be implying something, beacause Relena is featured in EVERY song, WITH Heero. Hn, Kid, there is no logical explanation but my best guess is that it's just for appearances. You know like in those clips, (ie Boyzone, when they've got skinny stick models plastered all over them, and one of them is really a homosexual...) You know what I mean? Well then case closed.

Some people don't really appreciate the finer points, so if they like to believe that Relena and Heero are a couple, go for it, Gundam Wing is a show where you decide what the ending is, and we all know every one's interpratation of the end of Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz will be different, if only slightly. It just happens that the yaoi-version seems to fit in perfectly and I wonder if it was meant to from the start.

You really have to question just HOW Relena decides that she loves Heero and vice versa. He gave no substantial evidence that he even LIKED her, and she goes chasing him half-way across the world for a "Childhood Sweetheart" ( YUCK I HATE THE WAY SHE BRAZENLY INTRODUCES HERSELF AS THAT WHEN TALKING TO SALLY PO) who hasn't even spoken 15 consecutive words to her, and any conversation they HAVE had SHE was the one that did the talking! However, Heero actually gets INVOLVED in coversation with *drum roll* DUO! (ie. any example in Endless Waltz) BTW don't you just love the way the Japanese say Endless Waltz, End-U-less WrAlt-STu!

Is it just me, or is it that from the beginning, in Episode One, she treated Heero like some infatuation, (obsession?) I'm not exactly sure that such a thing as love-at-first-sight exists (ok so I'm jaded) and I don't think that it would happen to Relena.

To her, Heero is way of escape, she thinks she loves him to make her life more daring, more interesting, hell, it GOT intresting when she first saw him ne? There is also the fact that she has led a sheltered life and probably has had little or no contact with boys whatsoever. That Heero is drop-dead gorgeous helps her descision somewhat. (If I were her, I'd go for Duo-sama!) Also Heero is something of an enigma, as Kara-sama stated a puzzle for her to work out She begins to chase after him (stalk him) because he provides a bit of entertainment in the midst of a war (ok, wars are only a novelty for how long? You get my drift here)

Relena seems to think the feeling is mutual, not surprising since her head would be so clouded with what she thinks is "love"

But what does *Heero* think of her, I wonder?

The Perfect Soldier.Perfect for Relena Peacecraft, Minister of Foriegn Affairs and Queen of the (formerly) Sanq kingdom maybe?

Not in my opinion, which is of course, just an opinion. But, cry the non-yaoi fans, He doesn't kill Relena, doesn't that prove that he loves her to much to kill her? I say pause. Think about it. If your mission was to bring peace, wouldn't killing the one person who had the political power to do it be a BIG no-no? Period.

Of course there is the fact that Heero is a little screwed up in the head, (hell who wouldn't) and remeber that little flashback with the little girl and the dog? Maybe Relena is a figure of that innocence he killed, a sole hope for redemption, but not one he could love? Again in my opinion, Heero protects Relena for more than his mission, he protects her for what she represents, NOT because of what he feels for her as a person.(if he really did care for her as a person, why did Heero continue to blow up Dekim Barton's HQ, even when Relena was still inside? War is his obsession and his life, only one who could understand the mission would be able to love him, and perhaps, be loved back by the boy who's life has been war unending.

Relena doesn't seem to understand Heero. Sure, she knows he's killed people, but she doesn't seem to understand what it means to HIM to kill people, be it nil or everything. I guess only someone who has undergone the experience for themselves would really understand. Relena has a picture of a perfect Heero, one who returns her infatuation. Sadly, Heero will never fill in this image, he would break before he would conform. Heero is too driven for Relena, he cannot comprehend the more human emotions, unless someone is willing enough, someone who LOVES him enough would guide him through, and mid you this person has to be able to take frequent brush offs, the RIGHT way. (Relena MIGHT be able to take it, but not in a way that would be constructive, if you know what I mean)

Heero needs someone who understands him. I think, eventually, Relena will understand (more like hopefully though ^_^x) and might leave Heero alone because even if she does win him over, the victory would be hollow, as, even if he might care for her, she wiill never unravel him, and that's why she really "loves" him ne?

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