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Tamahome, wo ai ni.
Not much of an update, just fixing broken links.

A Guide to Prussian and Cobalt
For the newbies, this site focuses on Shonen Ai and Yaoi If you didn't know this, I am not sure how you got in, but I will explain anyway. Yaoi stands for Yama-nashi, Ochi-nashi Imi-nashi, meaning, without climax, without conclusion and without content. This is often associated (especially in anime) with two males making out. Shonen Ai is a lesser form of this, and mainly, the Shonen Ai form is what is focused on this site. However, if you cannot stand the thought of two boys getting it on together, I suggest you leave. Now. As you can all see, I have redesigned my site, so hopefully there will be less confusion, as which page is what.

Disclaimers--Gundam Wing is not mine, nor are any of its characters.
Justification--My Opinion on why 1x2/2x1 is a better match in themselves

Profiles--Self Explanatory
Yaoi 101--Really, I've just explain it, but go here to view it anyway
Gallery--Pics of Heero and Duo
Fanfiction--Exactly what it says, Fan-Fiction

Fan Art--Contributions are appreciated
Updates--This should be obvious
My Profile--Go on, I dare you...
Links to other pages--1x2/2x1 links, Gundam Wing links, and Anime links in general
Link to Me--Pretty please?

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