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ACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK all my mp3's went *poof* just like that! they vanished. T_T. I'm really, really sorry, but due to server space, and in my current *situation* all I'm gonna be able to dish up is a couple of Heero and Duo Image songs... Sorry, no openers and closers over here...only the stuff you get in operations, 1,2,3,4 and Kitto OK! from Blind Target...

Ummm the quality of the mp3's vary, so I'll be grouping them according to sound quality (I can't get my tables to work, but anything below 3,000KB is the 58/22 stuff). All of Duo's songs are 128KBps/44KHz, but I'm afraid most of Heero's are 58KBps/22KHz...oh yeah....tripod links are working...(I don't know what Geocities has done with my mp3's the values are all funny..the listed value is what I uploaded it as anyway...It might be a bit more when you download it...I don't really know...If someone can help mail me OK?) Apprectiated!

Oh yeah, just one other thing. These mp3's are for you and you hard drive only, ie don't put them up on you're webpage. These mp3's were kindly donated to me by a friend who bought the cds. The mp3's listed here are for sampling purposes. Please, if you really like these songs, go out and buy the cd and support our Gundam Wing guys! (this coming from the Shareware queen...)

Name of song:Operation Sung bySizeDownload
Kitto OK!Blind Target Duo Maxwell4,093KBDownload
Flying Away4 Heero Yuy 4,267KBDownload
Wild Wing4 Duo Maxwell4,037KBDownload
Goodluck and Goodbye? Duo Maxwell4,037KBDownload
Cry For the Dream1 Heero Yuy3,760KB
In My Words Alone4 Heero Yuy 1,884KBDownload
Only If I Smile4 Heero Yuy1,952KBDownload



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