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Updates: What's New
25.8.99 Whew! Haven't written in here for a long time! Moved to fortunecity and put a whole load of stuff in, and I changed the format as well. New links and stuff, am now uploading 1/3 of My Pure Feelings. (Jenni, this is for you!)

Updates: What's New
17.7.99 Mp3 section is up. BE WARNED, some of the mp3 don't work... I should have wrote here earlier, but the fanfictions are also up!

Updates: What's New
15.7.99 Pictures to the right and final page of the justification is up. Bought some cargo pants.

Updates: What's New
11.7.99 Guestbook is up and running! *hearts*

Updates: What's New
10.7.99 Put a few new links in. Went broke because I bought Operation 0 (in cantonese no doubt dammit! Why can't they tranlate in mandarin aaargh)bought El Hazard comic. The galleries link together now, and my guest book STILL doesn't work...

Updates: What's New
3.7.99 Major reconstruction taken place. Like it? oh yeah, took heero_duo1.jpg out, oop, should read a bit more carefully ne? *shrugs*

Updates: What's New
26.6.99 Uploaded another section of the Justification. All the Galleries are
up. Guestbook should be working now!

Updates: What's New
12.6.99 MISCELLANEOUS SECTION IS UP! Also edited Justification Page
Uploaded various pics...I'm getting there, slowly and steadily!






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