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||yaoi 101||

Ahhhh! converts welcome!
This page is up for all you people who don't know what YAOI and SHONEN AI is, right? RIGHT! You reply!
Technically speaking, it is the development of a relationship between two guys (YES GUYS) that trancedes friendships.
In a very literal sense Shonen Ai means Boy's Love, (shonen=boy, ai=love) and Yaoi is a somewhat more physical than Shonen Ai which is just kissy-kissy-huggy-huggy stuff.
(don't get me wrong, I PREFER Shonen Ai, although I have no idea why)
Well there you have it, a very brief explanation of two of the four terms my website revolves on,(the others being Heero and Duo of course!)the little pic on the side is from the DJ "Little Grim Reaper" (did I get that translation right? I haven't seen the chinese version, so I can't really say...)
That is the description of my site...In plain and NO frills!

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