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1x2/2x1 Shrine
Welcome To Prussian and Cobalt, Version 2.0! Here you will find all sorts of information about 1x2/2x1! This page you are about to enter is a Gundam Wing fansite!

There are a few things you should know about Prussian and Cobalt, before you enter...
Prussian and Cobalt focuses on Yaoi and Shonen Ai. These are Japanese words (and abbreviations) for two guys sharing a more than platonic relationship. If you are not familiar, or do not want to be familiar with these concepts, please, do not enter and then complain. (Believe me, its happened)
Second, Prussian and Cobalt is heavy on graphics. Gomen ne. Thirdly, my spelling is terrible.


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...Kagagiri no nai Yume wo egaku haruka...

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